2023/12/26Regarding the 'TESTING CONDITIONS FOR LIGHT ALLOY ROAD WHEELS' issued in August 2022, 'Test condition 2 limited application (P15 to 16) and import vehicle (P17 to 20)' for passenger car has been partially revised. Get the revised version from the 'Important Notice' on the login screen.
2023/08/17The testing condition table currently on sale is the August 2022 edition.
We will not be selling this year.
Next revised edition of the testing condition table to be released in April 2024.
If you are interested in the August 2022 edition, please apply using the attached order sheet.
2022/08/09On August 2022, we revised the test condition.Please purchase it by sales guidance (order sheet).
2022/07/08We have started selling the latest version of the bylaws book ( only Japanese edition ).
If you would like to purchase, please download the order form and order by email.
The order form is in the center of the top page.
2016/11/10The email address delivered from the system has been changed.
However you can also use an old email before March 2017.
2013/09/10From September 10, 2013, we discontinued the download service of English.
2013/05/31We revised the Q&A.