VIA Registration of Aluminum Wheel
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Easy-to-understand VIA registration Q&A—Application through to Registration
1. About Markings Indicated on Wheels
2 About Application and Registration
3. About Costs and Remittance
4. About the Time Period
5. About Testing
6. About Test Equipment
7. Other

Examples of how to fill out the application forms
 1.Example of how to fill in the registration application form (PDF file)
 2.Example of how to fill in the JWL test report form (PDF file)
 3.Example of how to fill in the test request form (PDF file)
 4.Example of a registered model list(Style 4-1) (PDF file)
 5.Example of a registered model list(Style 4-2) (PDF file)
 6.Example of how to fill in product specifications(PDF file)

There is a separately published regulation book. If you would like to learn about the system and rules in more detail, please refer to that regulation book. For further details, please refer to the copyright page for the contact address for inquiries. For specific application procedures, please contact the Japan Vehicle Inspection Association/Vehicle Inspection Station.

Regarding protection of personal information
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